Thursday, September 2, 2010

One Flower Wednesday, DGD project and sunflowers

Today was another One Flower Wednesday! I actually have three flowers to show as I have had a couple meetings these past few nights and took my little hexies with me. I hope you like them. I have found it is easier making them with the paper templates than with the plastic ones. Also, the more I make the faster I am getting. I have been thinking about how to connect them. Do you usually make bunch of single hexagons and then lay everything out when you have made all the flowers and background? Or do you connect as you go along? I am sort of anxious to start connecting since I am getting a little collection now. But then I wonder if I will be sorry later as I have no specific plan as of right now. (Sigh) I guess for now I will just have fun laying them out:)

My DGD started Kindergarten Monday and needed some bath towels with her name of them for nap time. So I decided to applique the letters. They are four inches tall and three inches wide. I used Steam A Seam II for the fusing. Of course, they didn't fuse very well because of the terry cloth but it was enough to hold them in place while I appliqued by machine.

I just had to share this photo I took of one of the sunflower fields near my daughter's home. They are between four and five feet high. I love how they are all facing one direction! I planted some in my backyard and they are now between seven and nine feet tall. I had to choose the tallest ones! LOL Unfortunately, the flower bud broke or was chewed off my best one. All of them have buds now so I guess in a few weeks I will have my huge flowers! Woo Hoo!

What are you doing this Labor Day weekend? We are planning a day trip to the mountains on Monday. I can't wait! Have a great holiday weekend!


  1. Nice flowers (all of them) and the towel looks great, she (and her mom) must be proud.
    have a nice day

  2. Pretty flowers Dawn! Because my fabric is from a line and I have many repeats, I am waiting until all flowers are pieced before I arrange them and stitch them together. If I was making a scrappy flower garden, I would piece them together as I go. Enjoy your day trip to the mountains!

  3. Lovely flowers! I'm making flowers first and later start thinking about a lay-out.

  4. Your flowers are so fragile ---nice!


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