Thursday, April 29, 2010

Civil War Quilts

These are photos of the special Civil War Quilts display at the Spring Quilt Blossom Festival which was in Lancaster, PA last month.
I love, love ,love, reproduction fabrics so I just had to see this display. I hope you enjoy looking at these quilts. The AQS show was also there that weekend. I have some photos of some great quilts that I will post tomorrow. I met a famous quilter there, and even had my picture taken with her! Can you guess who it was??? Here's a hint: she is always trying to make a quilt in a day! Check back tomorrow for the answer:)

Dress with matching purse

This is a dress I made for my granddaughter for Easter. I had some fabric left over so I designed this little matching purse. I found some beads at JoAnn's that match the design almost perfectly!
And today, the 29th is her birthday! Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Read Backwards!

I still don't have the hang of how this posting works. I need to remember to say last what I want to say first, since I am unable to say and post pictures of everything in the same post! I can't seem to get the photos to go where I want them to go, so I have to post separately. Any advice would sure be welcome:) I look at all your blogs and everything seems to be where you would like it. As soon as I finish this commission piece that I am working on, I will explore the inner workings of this blog a little more! I hope you all have a great day with your family and with your sewing machine!

Dear Jane Triangle

I finished this triangle on Friday night. It is triangle number 4 for me. I am not planning to make all the triangles. I will not be making the entire Dear Jane quilt. I want to do a lap size but I want to do a little something different with it. Now that I have finished this triangle, I am going to put everything up on my design wall and see what I come up with!

Clifford, the big, red dog!

These are two pillows I made for my granddaughter's birthday. They were panels but I made the ruffle myself using my ruffler attachment! I have quite a collection of sewing machines, ranging from handcranks and treadles to the computer embroidery machines. The 5 I use the most are my Viking serger, Viking Designer 1 (which is the one I used to make the pillows and the nightgown) Brother Quilt Club, which is my favorite for machine piecing and quilting , Brother PED, which is an embroidery stand alone machine that I purchased so I could stitch out Disney designs, and last my little lightweight Brother, which is the one I usually take on retreats and friends homes because it is so light weight! Anyway, (I love to talk machines) my granddaughter has put a pillow on each end of their sofa and told my daughter they are there for when they get tired and need a pillow! She is so sweet!!!

Cute fairy nightgown

I have not posted for a few days for several reasons. First, I am having problems with my camera. Second, my granddaughter's 5th birthday party was this weekend. And third, the latter sent me into a sewing frenzy!!! So, over the weekend I turned this:

into this!!!

I may enter this in the state fair as I am very pleased with it! Sorry the photo is dark but camera is tired, I guess:(

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jo Morton Project and new BOM

The photo on the right is The Queen and Her Court BOM which I just started. It actually debuted last year so I am just a little behind:) I was in my Marie Antoinette phase so when I saw this I just had to have it!
The other photo is another current Jo Morton project. I still have one more berry to applique then I need to make a sawtooth border, I believe. Not my favorite type of border. If anyone has any tips or suggestions to help make it a more pleasant experience I would love to hear from

Friday, April 23, 2010

I received a package yesterday!!!

I got these goodies from Heidi yesterday! My winnings from her FNSI drawing! Thank you so much Heidi...I love them!!! There will be another FNSI next month on Friday May 21st so come and join us for a fun evening of sewing! Here is the link for Heidi .

TAS Continued

I am having a lot of trouble trying to post these photos:( Anyway, this is me at meeting unsewing! I had trouble with the first two blocks of my Warm Wishes at Christmas quilt. I figured out what I did wrong so I unsewed them so I can fix them. Unsewing doesn't seem like a chore when you do it amongst friends!


The Applique Society

Our local group, On Pins and Needles, meet the 4th Thursay of each month so tonight was our meeting night! We are in the midst of a basket block swap, in which each participant makes 6 appliqued basket blocks. We will swap them out in October. Here are some of the blocks:

Rita's 1st block. Notice the ruched rose!
Rita's 2nd block. She did some broiderie perse.


Anne is working on a different project.

Debbie and Patty working on their basket blocks

Rita doing some embroidery on dish towel

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Japanese Indigos

How do you like these beautiful Japanese Indigos? I purchased these from Fennell Artworks,
(located at 107 E. Main Street, Arcadia, IN 46030 (317)984-1732)
last month at AQS in Lancaster, PA. They are really a deep blue but I lightened up the photos a bit so you could see the patterns on each one. The lady, whose name I can't recall at the moment, was very nice. She carries jacket patterns which was the purpose of my buying these indigos. I will share the pattern later as it is upstairs and I am not:) She also orders the complete line of Jo Morton fabrics when they come out! So she will be another source for me for my beloved Jo fabrics!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have completed 6 more blocks for my quilt. I am getting excited about it now and wanted to see how the blocks would look with the green ones that I had already cut out! See how it has a Christmas feel to it? So I am naming it Warm Wishes at Christmas! I think Jo would approve:)

Eye Candy

Yesterday I visited one of my favorite local quilt shops, Seminole Sampler, which is located in Catonsville, MD. I needed some Jo Morton fabric for a Friendship Block Swap that I signed up for and found this wonderful fabric she designed for Andover Fabrics. I thought the name was on the selvage but it's not and I don't remember what was on the bolt.It is in the center background. Then I saw that Monopoly fabric and just had to have some as I am collecting fabrics to make a quilt about me. A friend of mine made one a few years ago and I loved it. She had all these rectangles of things that meant something to her such as the game fabric because she liked to play games, she had a car fabric that featured her first car, etc. And her last rectangle was a fabric with pink dots on it as she worked on this quilt while she had the chicken pox!!! It was so cute! So it inspired me to start collecting fabrics for my quilt.

Now, why, you are saying to yourself, has Dawn posted a picture of her dishes drying and what in the world are those shiny things? Well, my poor husband asked the same thing! I saw Sue Hausman make little simple purses using the Capri Sun packages so I decided to see if I can make a few for some of my grand daughters. They have been saving their empty packets for me and it was time to wash and dry them. So you never know what you will find when living with a sewer!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Friday Night Sew In

Oh my goodness!!!!! Can you believe this???? I won the give- away on Heidi's blog for the FNSI!!!!! Woo Hoo!!! This was the first time I participated. And you had to have a blog to post the link and the pictures of your project. My blog had been up for a week so I met that requirement. Had to sew, of course, that was the easiest part. Then you had to post pics on your blog, which I had to learn how to do. Then you had to post the link for the FNSI on your blog, which was the hardest of all! Thanks to Erica for helping me out on that one! So you must check out Heidi and Bobbi (they co-hosted the FNSI) and join us next month. I think this is monthly. I am so excited I can't remember at the moment!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Irish Muses

I love, love, love this blog! Micki has made it so interesting and I must admit my favorite part is the music! Open her blog first, browse her posts and pics, then minimize it while you peruse other blogs. You will have cool music to listen to while you visit your other favorite blogs!
Enjoy! And thanks Micki, for a great blog!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Folk Art Bird

I am making some progress with this blog! The Folk Art Bird was not made on Friday Night Sew In(FNSI). I just wanted to show it to you. It will be the center medallion for those 6 blocks that I did make for FNSI. I have to make 14 more, and I already have cut out 20 green ones. This quilt is really cute and although it was not designed as a Christmas quilt, because of the reds and greens I am using it will be perfect for Christmas!

Friday Night Sew In

Dear Jane triangles

Friday Night Sew In

Tonight, or should I say last night, I participated in a Friday Night Sew In! Well, I don't know how to paste the link so here is the

I hope I will be able to figure out how to post some pics! I made 6 blocks for one of my Jo Morton quilts. I also completed 3 triangles for my Dear Jane. One of them I paper pieced and it took me 2 hours because I kept making silly mistakes. Has this ever happened to you?
I think I will mosey on over to the tour link for this blog and see if I can learn a thing or two about posting links and pics!
Happy Sewing!
Dawn:) Yahoo! I added the link!!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Here I Am!!

I am so excited to start this blog! I have been a follower of about 40 quilters blogs for a while now and have learned so much that I thought it was time for me to share some of my sewing endeavors. I am an appliquer at heart, but I love patchwork quilting and sewing in general. I have 8 grandchildren, 5 are girls, and all of them love to have granny sew for them. So I am kept quite busy!
My current quilt projects are a Snowball Variation, Dear Jane (have completed 50 blocks and have four corners in progress), Baltimore Album (12 completed blocks), The Queen and Her Court(this is a BOM and have completed first block). There are several more but I will list them at a later date.
I am a JLWC member (Jo's Little Women Club), which is lead by Jo Morton via our local quilt shop. I have several pieces in progress in this group, also.
I am a member of TAS(The Applique Society) and meet once a month with a great bunch of ladies.
In the next few days I will figure out how to attach some photos and pretty this place up and we will be on our way!
Have a great day!