Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eye Candy

Yesterday I visited one of my favorite local quilt shops, Seminole Sampler, which is located in Catonsville, MD. I needed some Jo Morton fabric for a Friendship Block Swap that I signed up for and found this wonderful fabric she designed for Andover Fabrics. I thought the name was on the selvage but it's not and I don't remember what was on the bolt.It is in the center background. Then I saw that Monopoly fabric and just had to have some as I am collecting fabrics to make a quilt about me. A friend of mine made one a few years ago and I loved it. She had all these rectangles of things that meant something to her such as the game fabric because she liked to play games, she had a car fabric that featured her first car, etc. And her last rectangle was a fabric with pink dots on it as she worked on this quilt while she had the chicken pox!!! It was so cute! So it inspired me to start collecting fabrics for my quilt.

Now, why, you are saying to yourself, has Dawn posted a picture of her dishes drying and what in the world are those shiny things? Well, my poor husband asked the same thing! I saw Sue Hausman make little simple purses using the Capri Sun packages so I decided to see if I can make a few for some of my grand daughters. They have been saving their empty packets for me and it was time to wash and dry them. So you never know what you will find when living with a sewer!


  1. I love the "all about me" quilt idea! Do you have access to a picture of your friends quilt? I would love to see it! I may have to start keeping an eye out for fabrics about "me".

    I'm saving Capri Sun pouches also to make my 3 yr old a belt. Problem I'm having is when my teenagers see the pouches they think they are helping me by throwing them away! Can't seem to get it through their heads that it's not trash! Haha

  2. Hi Erica, I will have to ask her if there is a way I can get a photo of it. She also made this really cool quilt using the Elvis Presley fabrics that I want to make as well.
    As for the Capri Sun pouches, you must teach your kids to ask before throwing away anything! That's what I had to teach my hubby! lol

  3. Hi Dawn, I was finally looking at your blog and saw this post about my quilt. I still have not quilted it. I will try to take a photo of the quilt top and send it to you.

    Sorry we didn't get to chat too much at Civil War Sunday. Will you be coming to Jo Morton club this month (Is it May 20th?).

    - Barbara


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