Friday, April 9, 2010

Here I Am!!

I am so excited to start this blog! I have been a follower of about 40 quilters blogs for a while now and have learned so much that I thought it was time for me to share some of my sewing endeavors. I am an appliquer at heart, but I love patchwork quilting and sewing in general. I have 8 grandchildren, 5 are girls, and all of them love to have granny sew for them. So I am kept quite busy!
My current quilt projects are a Snowball Variation, Dear Jane (have completed 50 blocks and have four corners in progress), Baltimore Album (12 completed blocks), The Queen and Her Court(this is a BOM and have completed first block). There are several more but I will list them at a later date.
I am a JLWC member (Jo's Little Women Club), which is lead by Jo Morton via our local quilt shop. I have several pieces in progress in this group, also.
I am a member of TAS(The Applique Society) and meet once a month with a great bunch of ladies.
In the next few days I will figure out how to attach some photos and pretty this place up and we will be on our way!
Have a great day!


Thank you for visiting my blog today! I hope you had a nice visit and come back soon! Have a great day:)