Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One Flower Wednesday

This is my latest addition to my One Flower Wednesday flower garden! I made this one with papers, instead of using the Patis. It looks just as nice! I must admit I am getting a little faster at making these now. For my fair update, I did get the tablerunner finished. My Designer 1 machine started having some issues, so I had to come up with plan B for the remainder of the quilting. I am pleased with my idea and how it turned out. I entered a total of 8 items for the MD State Fair. They are in the processed of being judged now. Good luck to all who entered in their local fairs!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another AccuQuilt Go Give Away

Yes, another blogger is giving away an AccuQilt Go! Just go to visit Jackie here and read all about it! Good Luck!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday Night Sew In Early Results

This is the table runner I am working on. I decided to post a picture now before quilting it because my DGD will be coming to spend the night so I don't think I will have an opportunity to get online. This is the same pattern that I used for the quilt shop sample. (see Wed. May 5 post)Much easier to make the second time around! Have a great weekend!

AccuQuilt Go Give Away

Yes, folks there is another chance at winning an AccuQuilt Go!!! Just visit Sew Many Ways blogspot and get the details. I am trying every time I see a give away cuz I would love to own this AccuQuilt Go!!!! Good luck to all!

Friday Night Sew In

I am a little late posting this but the Friday Night Sew In is happening now! Woo Hoo! I am trying to machine quilt a table runner for the fair but I am having some problems. So I have sat for the past hour un-sewing:( It is rather late so I may stop for now and pick it up later on Saturday. I was hoping to finish the quilting part tonight as I wanted to work on something else for the fair. Oh well. This table runner is really cute and I will take a picture later and get it posted. What are you all working on? I am going to take a few minutes to peek at your projects!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Flower Wednesday and new sewing toy

I am giving you a sneak peek at one of my projects for the state fair! I have a friend who loves wool projects and last year we unknowingly competed against each other. We had such a good laugh! She claims that she is not entering that category this year.....but...just in case she is I am only giving a sneak peek of my wool project! lol Do you all enter you local fairs? Aren't they fun? I would love to hear about your entries, or maybe your favorite fair story!

This is my new sewing toy. It is a pin magnet by Fons and Porter. My other one broke so I decided to try this one. At first I was not happy with it as some of the pins sort of stand up instead of laying flat. Then I realized they did this on purpose to make it easier for you when you reach for a pin! So now I love it!!!

This is my little collection of hexagon flowers that I have been making for
One Flower Wednesdays! I am getting a little better each week. I just realized yesterday that you need to leave the template in until you are ready to sew the little flowers together! Ooops! So I may have to remake the first three!

This is what I have been working on while recuperating from my surgery. I am going to come and visit you now on your blog to see what you have been doing lately so get ready to show and tell!

Fair Photos

I thought I would share my Sunday with you at the Howard County Fair. Hubby and I took our youngest granddaughter and we had a great time, even tho it was hot! The fair provides wheel chairs free of charge. I am so grateful for this service as I would not have been able to attend since I still cannot walk for very long. The big game winner of the day was my DGD! I even had to ask her to win a prize for me as I wasn't doing very well in the game department! Here she is with the first two prizes that she won.

My hubby usually takes my picture while I am pointing to my entry I am pointing to knitted pink sweater which won Third Place.

This picture is a bit out of order but I wanted to share with you the Ravens Marching Band, which open the fair every year! Woo Hoo! They sound great!

Okay, back to entries. This is my machine pieced and machine quilted Basket Quilt. How do you like those basket buttons? It won Third Place.

Here I am pointing to that picture frame in the case. It is machine embroidered. I won Third Place. I was told by several volunteers at the fair that the judges loved it and had there been less competion I would have won a Blue. That's okay, I am quite happy with third:)

There is the blue night gown I made for my granddaughter. It won Second Place. She was thrilled to see the ribbon on it!

Unfortunately this one is hard to see. This is a bib apron I whipped up in just a couple days. It won a Blue Ribbon. I will take a better picture when my camera has recharged!

The other small quilt I entered was this wall hanging. It is made primarily from reproduction fabrics. It didn't win a ribbon. The judges wrote on the tag that even tho they liked my colors, corners and pattern, my stitch in the ditch quilting strayed a time or two, therefore, no ribbon:(
It is hard staying in that little ditch:)

Well, that is it for my fair entries for now. Next week the Maryland State Fair begins. I will be entering these six items plus a few more that I have been working on. I will have more details on my next post!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Popping In

Hello sewing friends, I am just popping in to say hi and to let you all know why I haven't been posting lately. I started physical therapy for my knee last week and it is quite painful. Painful enough to keep me awake at night and miserable for two days.....just in time to go back again. I know it is necessary and I do look forward to the day I can walk without a cane and a brace and...well...walk normal like everyone else. But it sure does hurt. I am not able to sit and sew at a sewing machine just yet so I am getting lots of applique projects finished! I was able to enter six items in the Howard County Fair and won five ribbons! I will share photos with you in a few days. I can't stay on the pc very long as I have to sit in an awkward position with painful knee propped up. Anyway, hope you are all doing well and enjoying your summer:) I will "see" you in a few days. PS. I know today in One Flower Wednesday and I plan on making at least one flower. It will be flower number three!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trip to PA

My hubby surprised me Saturday with a trip to Pennsylvania. First we went to our favorite farmer's market, located in Bird In Hand. I purchased some smoked ham hocks and knockwurst. Yum! We stopped at some yard sales on the way where I did find a nice collection of 78 speed records for just pennies. Some of the singers are Bing Crosby and Patty Page. Visited a couple quilt shops, Zook's and The Old Country Store. By then it was near 5 PM and my knee just couldn't take anymore walking so we drove up north to the mountains. Yes, it was fabulous! The weather was great on Saturday. I wore a baseball cap so we had the windows open and the wind was blowing! The air was several degrees cooler up there and we were loving it. Of course all good things must come to an end so after a while we made a right to come out of the mountains and the first town is Hamburg, where there is a Cabella's, which is a store that carries anything you could possibly need/want for any outdoor activity. We have been there a couple times before and it is an extraordinary store so we thought we'd look around. They have the electric chairs for handicapped folks so I was good to go. One of the neat things about Cabella's are these nature scenes they have set up. I believe these are all real animals. I took some pictures to share with you. The lighting isn't the greatest.

This is me in the Africa room. Look at this huge elephant!!

Same room. Now I am with the lions. Roar!!!!!!

And how about these cute deer! This is part of a huge exhibit right in the middle of the first floor!
If you ever get the chance to visit one of these stores, please go. You will love it! Hope you had a great weekend!