Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Flower Wednesday and new sewing toy

I am giving you a sneak peek at one of my projects for the state fair! I have a friend who loves wool projects and last year we unknowingly competed against each other. We had such a good laugh! She claims that she is not entering that category this year.....but...just in case she is I am only giving a sneak peek of my wool project! lol Do you all enter you local fairs? Aren't they fun? I would love to hear about your entries, or maybe your favorite fair story!

This is my new sewing toy. It is a pin magnet by Fons and Porter. My other one broke so I decided to try this one. At first I was not happy with it as some of the pins sort of stand up instead of laying flat. Then I realized they did this on purpose to make it easier for you when you reach for a pin! So now I love it!!!

This is my little collection of hexagon flowers that I have been making for
One Flower Wednesdays! I am getting a little better each week. I just realized yesterday that you need to leave the template in until you are ready to sew the little flowers together! Ooops! So I may have to remake the first three!

This is what I have been working on while recuperating from my surgery. I am going to come and visit you now on your blog to see what you have been doing lately so get ready to show and tell!


  1. Love what I see of the wool project. Your flowers are so lovely! Can you maybe just put the papers back behind the flowers?

  2. Lovely flowers, and you can sew them together without the papers in, but it's a bit more work.


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