Sunday, September 5, 2010

State Fair Info

I was finally able to attend the MD State Fair on Thursday! How exciting! I knew I had won some ribbons as some of my friends sort of let it slip. LOL But I didn't know which items won what. we go. First of all, see the picture of my wool project? They don't have it open all the way but it still looks good:) My DGD's nightgown won Second Place, pink knitted baby sweater won Third and my table runner won Third. So that wasn't too bad, entered 8 items, won 4 ribbons. My friend Missy who usually enters the wool category and she is the friend I was referring to in my earlier post, didn't enter under wool this year so we didn't get to compete against each other. She did, however, enter two quilts which won Blue Ribbons. I have posted the pictures of her quilts as I thought she did a fantastic job! Yea Missy!

Missy's quilts:)

This last picture is a bust of Elvis made from cardboard. Can you believe it? Of course it looks much better in person! Megan Clark entered this and as you can see, it won several awards! Congratulations Megan!!

That is it for me for now. Today is Civil War Sunday at And Sew It Goes in Savage, MD and I am looking forward to attending. Have a great Sunday:)


  1. Congrats Dawn!! Thanks for showing Missy's quilts too. I remember when she was working on that first quilt :)


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