Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Making a pocketbook Part 2

Welcome back to Making a pocketbook Part 2. What I wanted to share with you this time is how I made the inside bottom of the bag. I didn't have this special plastic Nancy mentions in the DVD so I hunted down some of my plastic canvas sheets from my crafting days. I didn't think one layer was firm enough so I wanted to use two. However, I knew they would slip and slide all over the place while I was trying to attach them to the bottom. So.......

I cut a piece of my outer fabric and stitched it on top of the two layers of plastic canvas. I selected a 3.0 basting stitch and stitched very slowly. Sometimes the needle hit the plastic, but I just raised the needle, scooted the plastic canvas forward, and continued on.

Here is my nice pocketbook bottom insert, waiting to be attached. And I did attach it, but it was a bit hard trying to stitch through all those layers. I looked at the instructions for the next step and that is when I noticed ......I had cut the plastic canvas an inch too long!!!!! No wonder it was so hard to stitch. It was not supposed to extend into the seam allowance, which Nancy did mention on the DVD!!! Oh well:) As of this writing I only have to add my straps and it will be finished. So, you guessed it. Stayed tuned for Part 3, The Finale!

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