Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Making a pocketbook Part 1

So, here we go. This was supposed to be an easy bag that you can sew in an evening....according to Nancy Zieman. And I suppose you could make one in a long evening, after you have made one that took 3 long evenings! I love the bag, but the instructions were a bit confusing. This is a Nancy Zieman project, as I mentioned earlier. The package came with a DVD, a booklet, an instruction sheet and a template. The DVD only tells you how to make 12 variations of two different style pocketbooks. The instruction sheet only tells you how to make the basic shape of the first six variations.The template is only for the first 6 pocketbooks. The DVD says you will use outer fabric, cotton duck cloth for support, polyester fleece for support, and a lining. The instruction sheet only mentions the outer fabric, lining and support fabric. Three, not four. For the purse I wanted to make you must remember to look through the entire instruction sheet to see where the strap instructions are, as the DVD tells you to add them before you sew the sides of bag together and the written instruction sheet has you add them after you sew the sides together which means you have to take the sides apart. Now, that was a bit confusing for me. But as you will see, I had to make things even tougher for myself. First, tho, let's look at the nice purse!

My purse is falling apart and that is why I wanted to make a new one. And I wanted to use parts of my old purse for the new purse. See those metal rings? They were 6 of those on my old purse, but this new purse needed 10. Why didn't I count them before I went to JoAnn's to pick out the outer fabric? The pattern called for a magnetic closure. I missed that on the list of supplies as well. So on the first trip to JoAnn's I bought the fabric and duck cloth. I thought I could find a nice cotton fabric to use as lining in my stash. But when I got home and looked....nope. Nothing matched the nice upholstery fabric I had purchased. However, I came across this cool looking denim and then found the perfect lining to match:) I then proceeded to cut out the fabrics, and fused as directed.
After a few more steps it is time to make a pocket. Well, I wanted a zippered pocket and hers called for a flat inside pocket that was stitched against the lining. So I get this bright idea that I will just cut a slit in the lining, and attach the zipper and have my pocket! Good idea, right?

Wrong:( If you look closely at the picture, you will see that I cut the pocket the pattern size, folded over all the edges and attached zipper to top. Good so far. Then I cut a slit on the pocket line to insert and attach the top half of the zipper. And this would have almost worked but I forgot to allow for the folded over edges so I cut the slit too long. Plus, (and get ready for the big laugh) since I cut the slit I only had a loose inside piece of lining instead of an enclosed pocket!!!! What should I do now???

I cut a piece of the outer fabric and sew it to the back on the lining so that I now have a pocket.

Now in this picture you can see that white fabric flapping around.

I turned the pocket inside out and cut off the flap!!! Whew! I never do things the easy way.

Now I have what looks like a normal pocket except I do have two nasty looking ends on that zipper. I apoligize for the blurry photo. I also wanted to mention, why in the world did I do all my stitching on the right side of the lining so that all my markings would show??? This is what happens when you are in a hurry:)
Stay tune for Part Two:)

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  1. If it had been me reading that pattern - it would have ended up on the shelf never to see the light of day again! Thanks for the tutorial :)


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