Friday, June 11, 2010

Ups and Downs

Oh, the ups and downs of sewing. I went to my sewing room tonight at about 7PM. Told my hubby that I wanted to get some sewing in while he worked on the front porch. I had some trouble quilting that last baby quilt so I took Linda's suggestion and took my Brother Quilt Club machine apart and cleaned it. I removed the plate, front one and back, then removed the bobbin case. There was a bit of fuzz down there so I took my time and gave it a real good cleaning. Then I thought I would put in a new needle since I am starting a new project. Well, I would love to hear from any Brother owners out there if you have this problem. This happens to me all the time. I put the bobbin case back in, then the front and back plates. Then I stitch a sample. The top thread is not picking up the bobbin thread. Take it all apart again, adjust the bobbin case, put it all back together, try again. Same problem. After a few tries I realize I put in a Klasse brand needle and some of my machines don't like these needles. So I replace it with a needle that actually came with the machine. Still won't sew. My hubby popped in to say goodnight and that's when I realized I had lost 4 hours fooling with this machine. Usually I can get it going again. But not this time. And the thing is, I have a little portable Brother and I have the exact same problem. So it must be a Brother thing. I am going to contact them in the morning and see what they have to say. That was the down part of this post.
Now for the up side!!!! I switched over to my Viking Designer 1 machine because I wanted to get SOME sewing accomplished. I was really excited to work on this new tablerunner. I had already cut out all the pieces, just needed to assemble. So I did get in some sewing......and the above are my results! I have two rows stitched together so far, but I was so excited with the project that I just had to lay it out to see how it looks so far. Do you ever do that? I wish my table was a little wider but you get the idea of how it's is turning out. Now I am taking some snack and blog time, then off to dreamland! See ya soon!!!
Oh, and did you hear the news? Pat from A Little of This and A Little of Pat won an Accuquilt Go! Woo Hoo for Pat ! A link to her blog is on my list of blogs on the right sidebar. You may want to pop over and congratulate her!!

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