Monday, June 7, 2010

Barb's projects, Me and Granddaughter in Lancaster, PA

The quilt photos are projects by my friend, Barb. The hunter star blocks are made by a special ruler. I should have written down the name because now I have forgotten. I will have to email her or, Barb, if you read this, maybe you could tell us the name in the Comment section! During Memorial Day weekend, hubby, granddaughter and I went to Lancaster, PA on a fabric hunt. I needed a specific fabric for my Jo Morton Siggie Block Swap and I found it in the second place I looked, which was Zook's! Yards and yards of it! I only needed 2 (I think) but I bought 4! You know how it is! Some kind Amish folk let us take a picture in their buggy! We have such fun up there! Thank goodness my granddaughter loves the trip as much as we do! They have an old steam locomotive up there is Strasburg and we took a ride on that, too! It was a beautiful day and we made lots of memories!

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