Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Taylor Shape Cut, clever way to make HST

I needed to make 135 Friendship or Siggie blocks for my Jo Morton internet group swap. I was able to cut out 270 two and a half inch squares and 135 three and a half inch squares in just minutes using my June Taylor Shape Cut! (link will take you to video)It took me longer to iron the fabric than it did to cut 405 squares! And what do 405 squares look like? See photo number 3 and look at those stacks of squares!!! In the 4th and 5th photos I wanted to share a piecing technique I picked up from Dawn S over at SpringWater Designs. (see her June 14 post) Stitch your smaller square diagonally on your larger square. But before you trim off the corner, stitch again about a half inch away from your first stitching line. Then cut between the two rows of stitching. As the last picture shows, you will have a completed block and two HST's already stitched and ready to be sized and used! Pretty clever, eh? So I will have 270 HST's when I have completed these 135 blocks. Now my friend, Wenche over at Wenche's Pieces of Time, was a bit more clever and designed a way to use these 270 HSTs in her Jo Morton swap quilt she has been working on! Don't ya just love it when things come together like this???? Quilt bliss!!
PS I am afraid I have to add a post script here. I forgot to put the second HST in the photo which is supposed to be showing you the TWO HST you will get from each block! Sorry:(


  1. Dawn, thanks for the tip on June's ruler! I had seen it in the store before but never considered how it could be used. I checked out the video you linked to. Nice links :)

  2. You are welcome! I am glad I was able to find that video as the ruler does more than I thought it did! And links are nice thanks to you:)

  3. The Shape Cut was a very good idea for this project! Thanks also for linking to my blog :)

  4. What CUTE blocks - and so fast to cut! Thanks so much for sharing about June's ruler!!


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