Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fair time and Jo Morton patriotic panels

Well, it is that time of year when the counties start sending out their fair catalogs and I received mine for the Howard County Fair! Woo Hoo! I live in the "big city", as my granddaughter calls Baltimore, and we stopped having the City Fair a long time ago. While visiting the Howard County Fair one year I asked one the the volunteers if I could enter some of my projects. She said since the city does not have a fair, I was welcome!!!! Yippee! So I have been entering ever since! In fact, the apron that I am wearing in my header photo won a Blue Ribbon, a Champion Ribbon and the President's Choice Ribbon, all at the Howard County Fair, two years ago!!!! So I will be very busy for the next two months finishing up projects, keeping lots of secrets from my sewing buddies (lol) and using the crock pot ALOT!!!!! Hubby is used to it, though, and is very supportive of me!
The other two photos are my newest Jo Morton panels that I picked up in Lancaster, PA, in The Old Country Store. I may use them for backs, or fronts and backs!
PS I would like to thank my friend,Missy, for showing me how to attach links to words! It's working Missy!!!!!

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