Sunday, July 4, 2010

Paper Piecing and Happy July Fourth

Happy Fourth of July to all! How are you going to celebrate or have you already begun your celebration? Hubby and I are going to enjoy a trip to the beautiful Appalachian Mountains! Woo Hoo! I love the mountains. Born and raised a city girl but if you xray my insides you will see snow covered mountains with eagles flying over the lake! I wish you all a safe and enjoyable holiday and may God Bless America!!!!
Now, the other purpose of my post is to hopefully help the ladies who had difficulty Friday night at my ASG quilt group. We had a lesson on paper piecing and our projects just weren't working out as they should. I don't want anyone to become discouraged so with the help of my hubby I made my first sewing video! Woo Hoo! On it I am explaining how to paper piece this particular pattern we were given. Perhaps this will help others with paper piecing as well!
Enjoy and I hope you have a fabulous day!!!
PS I am sorry for the black screen as I do not know how to put the first frame of the video on the front.

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