Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jo Morton Project

Well, this time last week I was getting ready for my surgery. I am still hobbling around, still have a bit of pain, but I am glad it is over! I will have my stitches removed next Monday, the 26th, and then perhaps some physical therapy. Not too sure about that yet. I have watched so many movies my brain is fried! I was able to resume work on some hand applique a couple days ago. I had cut out the 32 leaves so I have them basted and ready to go. I also cut out 52 berries. I use the Karen Kay Buckley templates, but you only get 4 of each size so it is a little slow going. I have found that if I use spray starch and let the berry sit for at least 12 hours on template, I get a much nicer circle. So I can only get 8 per day! I have my borders cut, 1 vine attached and second vine in progress.

I had to share this little cartoon my friend Rita enclosed in her get well card! It really gave me a chuckle!!! Thank you again Rita!

I also thought I'd take a photo of some of my applique essentials. The item in the upper left corner is an armchair caddy. It has the pincushion in the center and a pocket on each end. I used quilt labels for the pincushion and pockets. Next to it on the right is a small pillow. When I took Mimi Dietrich's Baltimore Album classes, she used a pillow like this. It really comes in handy to help you attach your pieces, smooth out your fabric, and jab some pins in when you need something handy! On the center left are the remainder of the 52 berries waiting to be placed on templates. Then there is a needle book that one of the ladies in my quilt guild made. And on the bottom is one of the borders for my Warm Wishes for Christmas quilt! Must go now as I can't sit at the computer for very long. Will see you again in a few days! Happy sewing!

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  1. I"m glad to hear that you are at least hobbling around! :) Get well quick!

    :) Linda


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