Sunday, July 25, 2010

FNSI Results

Well, here is what I accomplished. Doesn't look like much does it:( Here is the reason why. I finished attaching all the berries and leaves on the first border. I attached 4 more berries on the second border. ( I had already attached the vine) I looked in my little case where I am keeping all the pieces for this quilt and I can't find the remaining 24 leaves!!!! Where did I put them? I had wrapped them in a tissue because we ran out of sandwich bags and with my knee pain I didn't feel like going up to my sewing room where I keep used bags from swaps. So I wrapped them in a tissue. I use tissues all the time for everything. I keep a box right next to me in every room in the house. I remember placing the little tissue package in the corner of the project case. At least I thought I did. I looked everywhere but I couldn't find them. So.....I had to remake them. I still need to make 6 more, I think, but I was getting tired and knew I could make them later. Oh, and as far as the missing leaves, I think I mistook them for trash when I cleaned my table. Moral of this story? Store things in their proper containers:) Now I am going blog hopping and look at everyone else's FNSI projects!
PS I am just wondering if anyone has noticed my color code these last two posts? Have you figured it out? Let me know if you have!

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