Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pat Sloan Finish It Up FIU and Give-A-Way

I just left Pat Sloan's Site and she is having a Finish It Up Challenge from May 10 thru May23. This is a good opportunity to finish up that project that you absolutley love but just couldn't find the time. Or maybe other things keep coming up. So, why not join me in this challenge? I have 3 Jo Morton projects in the works so I am going to commit myself to finish up the Warm Wishes at Christmas one. In fact, I was planning on having a give-a-way to celebrate being a blogger for one month so maybe I'll incorporate the two! Sounds like fun! I think I need some give-a-way rules, so here they are.

Rule 1: You must commit to finish up one project. You don't have to sign up at Pat's site if you don't want to, just leave a comment and and email me a photo of the unfinished project so I can attempt to publish it on my blog. (notice the word attempt)

Rule 2: When your project is finished, please email a photo of the finished project so that I can, once again, attempt to post them on my blog. Another idea I just had was that you could post the photos on your blog instead of me trying to do it here and we could just link to your blog to see photos.

So, send me your comments and/or suggestions! I am learning as I go! Forgot to mention is the link:,

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